F/O Test Equipments

Gigacom Turkey / F/O Test Equipments

Power meter – GigaMETER

GigaMETER power meter is a handy tool to verify the effect of the signal in an optical Link, a FTTH or a computer networks. GigaMETER shows the averages of power sent from a constant light source. GigaMETER testing both MM 850nm/1300nm, and SM 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm.

• Robust and user-friendly design with LED display
• Simple readings of both the MM and 850nm/1300nm SM 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm
• Battery (2xAAA) which warns when the battery is low
• Measures the impact of the Multi Modus -30 dBm ~ -15 dBm
• Measures the impact of the Single Modus -30 dBm ~ -6 dBm
• Universal 2.5 mm adapter
• Transition to 1.25 mm available

Power meter – GigaMETER PDF

Red light pen – GigaCHECKER

GigaCHECKER red light pen is a practical tool for controling the breaches, micro bends, or splice errors in optical networks and FTTH. GigaCHECKER sends a short wavelength (650nm). The red light makes breaches, micro bends or o.l. identifiable as light leaks out of the fiber sheat.

• Robust and user-friendly design
• Protection Lock, which protects LD
• Constant or pulsating light
• APC (Auto Power Control) provides a very stable source of LD
• Battery (2xAAA) provides 15 hours of constant light
• The light is visible up to 3km
• LED warning at low battery capacity
• Universal 2.5 mm adapter.
• Transition to 1.25 mm available

Red light pen – GigaCHECKER PDF

Light Source – GigaSOURCE

GigaSOURCE is a very practical tool and instrument for testing, maintenance and control of optical networks and FTTH. The pen-shaped base unit with interchangeable SFP laser modules makes it easy to test both the Datacom, Telecom / FTTH and CWDM networks. GigaSOURCE recommended it for use in combination with GigaMETER, and it can also be used with other types of standard power meters.

• Robust and user-friendly design
• Interchangeable SFP module for each wavelength
• Integrated dust cover
• No engine conditioning
• Very stable output
• Very stable and precise wavelength
• With constant or pulsating light
• Has the ability to change all wavelengths
• LED warning at low battery capacity
• Standard LC connector (SFP)

Light Source – GigaSOURCE PDF