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Dust Cap SC duplex

Dust cap for termination av unused SC duplex adapter hole in planels.

Dust Cap SC duplex PDF

Dust Cap SC simplex and LC duplex

Dust Cap for termination for unused SC simplex and LC duplex and E2000 adapter holes in panels.

Dust Cap SC simplex and LC duplex PDF

Dust Cap ST and FCD

Dust Cap for termination for unused ST and FDC adapter holes in panels.

Dust Cap ST and FCD PDF

GigaPATCH™ Splice Sleeve

GigaPATCH ™ splice sleeve for single fibre comes in 45mm and 60mm lengths. The splice sleeve is delivered without colour in packages of 100 pieces. Coloured splice sleeves can be supplied on request.

• Capturing the optical transmission properties
• Powering and protects optical fibre splices
• Prevents damage to the optic fibre splice during installation
• Clear sleeve makes it easy to observe the fibre splicing before shrinkage
• The seal protects the splice from fluctuations in the temperature and humidity as a result of changes in the environment

GigaPATCH™ Splice Sleeve PDF

GigaPATCH™ – Splice holder

GigaPATCH ™ Splice holder is used to hold the Splice Sleeve when splicing in the patch panel. The Splice Sleeve is guided on the track and locked with the help of integrated foam rubber strips. The holder is mounted on the base with supplied double-sided tape.

• Takes up to 48 splice sleeves
• Can be used in most types of patch panel
• Easy installation with double-sided tape

GigaPATCH™ – Splice holder PDF


ReelCleaner is used for cleaning the connector’s ferrule. The optical technology uses the Ferrule tip as a contact point between the optical fibres. Cleaning the Ferrule is therefore very important for preventing signal errors. ReelCleaner is delivered in two editions, hhv. with single or double track.

• Provides very good sanitation without scratching
• Injure no fibre
• Dry cleaning process (non-alcoholic)
• Anti-static finish gives less dust
• Easy to switch refills
• 400 + pc. cleansing surveys / refill


GigaCLEANER™ – Cleaning Pen

GigaCLEANER ™ cleaning pen is designed for cleaning the Ferrule from the front of the panel (with the connector mounted in the adapter). The optical technology uses the Ferrule tip as a connector point between the optical fibres. Cleaning of this part of the Ferrule is thus very important to prevent signal errors. GigaCLEANER ™, with its advanced fibre yarn, removes debris more effectively than other comparable products. GigaCLEANER ™ is supplied in two editions, hhv. 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm ferrule diameter.

GigaCLEANER™ – Cleaning Pen PDF

Fibre splice cassette – GigaPATCH™

GigaPATCH ™ fibre splice cassette with tilting comes with fibre holder for 12 (24) splice sleeves, can be stacked and is suitable for most types of patch panels and cabinets. GigaPATCH ™ fibre splice cassette is designed with a view for troubleshooting and protection of the fibre since there is plenty of room for the retraction of surplus fibre.

• Can be stacked, up to 4 pcs. in 1U
• supplied with holders for Splice sleeves
• Has the place to 12 (24) pcs. Splice sleeve
• Easy retraction of surplus fibre.
• Optional Hang for “book system”, for all sides
• fibre and loose tube entry possibilities from all four sides
• Standard fixing points.
• Easy for fixing and maintenance
• Material: ABS / PC
• Halogen free and flame-retardant (UL94 V-0)

Fibre splice cassette – GigaPATCH™ PDF